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Connect with other parents you can relate to, and boost your self-esteem and relationships. Parenting is tough. From preparing to have a baby through to raising teenagers, there are endless challenges along the way. Everyone seems to have the “right” advice, but how do they know it’s right for you? One size doesn’t fit all…

Practical parenting

Practical parenting is something of interest to many Aussie parents.
Among the most common concerns for those raising children are using discipline and handling tantrums. These controversial topics -- plus a lot more -- feature in our parenting course, so you can increase your practical parenting skills. Regular FREE parenting webinars will offer a ‘taste test’ of our empowering child rearing tips. Why not sign up now so you don’t miss the next one.

Learn Your Natural Parenting Style
A parenting program, like PPP (Positive Parenting Program), is a solid start and often books out in advance. Our parenting course..carries similar philosophies, but also delves into your natural parenting style - so you find out what works for you. It also helps you to identify your child's personality so you can relate better.

Learn, share, and get peer support... all from the comfort of your home.

What people are saying…

“I now understand exactly why so many activities I have tried to enjoy did not work, why particular interpersonal frictions have occurred and why I generally feel like a misfit with most people. … I now have a tool to make better choices in my life, to avoid being swayed by other people getting enjoyment from something.”Wendy

“I learned this information when my children were about ten and it was like the Red Sea parting. I could see my own preferred path to take through mothering. It showed me how to be happy with myself and gave me the confidence to go with my strengths. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t’, now I say, ‘I’m very good at...’” Joan

“This information has helped me to understand the differences between me and family members (and friends and other mothers at my kids' school, and co-workers, and employers and employees, and—fill in the blank) so that my relationship with each of them is better/smoother/more forgiving/better communication/more successful.” Mary

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